Sunday, November 17, 2013

The looks that you can't go wrong with - by a woman who writes men's fashion blog!

Women know fashion. Most of the men do too. But the rest need some help :)
The word 'fashion' means 'women's fashion' in general. Even male designers design for women. But it's men's right to look stylish and fashionable too!
So... Here are some style and shopping advice for men. The looks that you can't go wrong with...
This post is written with the collaboration of my blogger friend in the UK, TrendHimUK - Men's Style Blog by a Woman.
The only think I will add to her blog post as a new 'thing' is the shopping addresses from US instead of the UK.

Source: TrendHimUK

  • Chinos are not very different from jeans. They look their best when worn with a blazer or waistcoat.
  • Casual shirts are the best choices to have a casual smart look which works for both weekdays and weekends. Make sure they fit you in the neck and sleeves. According to fashionbeans editor; you should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between your neck and collar and when you turn your head the collar should stay still.
  • When it comes to sport jackets or blazers, they must fit your body PERFECTLY. It’s a common knowledge to try on the size below what you normally go for.

  • For knit jumpers or cardigans, make sure that they aren’t so tight nor too chunky for a slim look. It should be not tight to layer a piece underneath but are cut slim through the sides. For me; round neck pullovers are always preferable than turtle necks.
  • Bomber jackets are on-trend this year and they are perfect pick for a weekend look.
  • Beanies and scarves… The statements accessories for men. You can never go wrong with that in winter. Just make sure they are huge and chunky. :)  

  • This photo (look) is one of the greatest example to show the importance of an accessory for men. The scarf... I can only see the scarf here. LOVED IT! WANT IT for myself too... It's unisex. Statement scarves guys... Statement scarves...

  • And the last look... The look that a scarf creates... Again... :)When you go with solid color for most of your outfits, printed scarves are the way to make a final touch for a stylish look.

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