Thursday, November 21, 2013


Editor Picks & Favorites!
6 amazing styles for 6 stylish days! 7th day is free! :)

There are many trends featured in style magazines and websites. Sometimes it may get confusing in so many choices. Therefore the 'looks' are life saver for shoppers.
I picked my favorite 5 styles from which you can shop any item you like; or the entire look! :)

I love wear shorts in every season. To me, they are sexier than a skirt. So this is my #1 look to suggest.
Click  HERE to shop it.

I literally fell in love with this one! In fact it's for infants but when I do like something like this I go with XL size do it fits me! :)
This is a MUST HAVE because you can wear it with almost everything! With jeans, on a leather pants, chinos or skirts...
Click  HERE to shop it.

Trend Alert: Knitwear
Knits are closet essentials for Winter 2013/14. There for start to shop some knits!
Click HERE to shop it.

Casual but cool weekend!
Click  HERE to shop it.

Click  HERE to shop it.

This is a great look for an office chic or for an after-work date/drink. Loved the shirt!
Click HERE to shop it.

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